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Looking for a Complete SEO Checklist to Help Attract More Traffic to Your Website?

Keyword research - 

Keyword analysis is the process of analyzing keywords or search phrases that attract visitors to your website through organic and paid searches.For this reason, keyword analysis is an important skill for SEO and PPC experts.

Creating a Robots file:

A robots.txt file is a set of instructions for bots. This file is included in the source files of most websites. A robots.txt file is just a text file without HTML markup code. The robots.txt file is hosted on the web server like any other file on the website.

Install Yoast SEO - 

Yoast SEO is a free SEO plugin for WordPress, functionally, long ago: create site maps, optimize metadata, apply "noindex" attributes to specific areas of your site, and much more. Plug

Google Analytics code

You must first visit the Google Analytics record.

Sign in with your Gmail account, sign in with your Gmail account

Provide an account name. This name will be used internally so you can use anything like your company name.

Choose between a website or a mobile app. Be sure to select the website. Once you have entered this information, click the Next button. You will be shown the Google Analytics terms and service that you must accept, so click the "I agree" button.

You will now be presented with your Google Analytics tracking code. You can copy this tracking code because you will need to enter it on your WordPress site depending on the method you use below.

Uploading Robots File

Writing a robots.txt file is an easy process. Follow these simple steps:

Open Notepad, Microsoft Word, or any text editor and save the file as "robots", all lowercase, making sure to choose .txt as the file type extension

Following two lines of text to your file:

User Agent: *

Blocking spiders from search engines throughout your site is also one of the options of robots.txt.

User Agent: *
Do not allow: /

If you want to block spiders from certain areas of your site, your robots.txt might look like this:

User Agent: *
Do not allow: / database /
Do not allow: / scripts /

Follow this step for better result.

Keyword research - Keyword Planner. The most obvious choice for the first place, this free keyword tool has been a favorite for many years.

Meta tags: - Meta tags are pieces of text that describe the content of a page

Title Tag: A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page.

Meta description: The meta description is an HTML attribute that provides a brief summary of a web page.

Meta keywords: Meta keywords are types of meta tags in the HTML source code of a web page. They describe the content of a website briefly and concisely and are therefore important indicators of the content of a website for search engines.

  • Check the Picture Optimization / Image Name, ALT Tags and Title Labels
  • Keywords are used in the url of the page
  • Uses html tags (h1, h2, h3 ) depending on the pages
  • Check bold and italic text
  • Check URL structure/url rename and rewrite URL
  • Give internal links /anchor text
  • Page speed time
  • Redirect 301
  • Verify the 404 redirect
  • Create Google Analytics account
  • Use Google's keyword planner to verify your competitor's keywords.
  • Create Google Analytics code
  • Create Google webmaster account
  • Create Google webmaster code
  • Upload Google webmaster code
  • Create a Bing webmaster account and upload Bing webmaster code
  • Create XML and HTML site map
  • Upload the XML sitemap to the Google and Bing Webmaster Tool
  • Creating Robots File
  • In Wordpress, you must install the ALL IN SEO add-on
  • Upload the Google Analytics code
  • Uploading Robots File
  • Check your website compatible with mobile devices and also in another browser
  • Check responsive (mobile) design / Mobile optimization
  • See social links
  • CONTENT Writing /Optimization of SEO content.

Off-page SEO Checklist

  • Social bookmarks
  • One-way inbound links 
  • Blog post
  • Presentation of the article
  • Press release
  • Post on the forum
  • Blog commenting
  • Social media optimization
  • Review post
  • Sending RSS feed
  • Sending video
  • Profile creation
  • Sending a directory
  • List of local companies
  • Social media
  • Local listing

Submission of the article is a specific topic or event that is based primarily on your opinions, thoughts and views. It helps promote products and services and provide detailed information about them to the user.

Benefits of presentation of the article:

  • High ranking
  • Multiple links from the same article
  • Direct traffic to your websites
  • Increased reliability
Directory: directory is a process of sending your website URL to your website's home directory. This helps increase the visibility of your site and creates appropriate incoming links to your website.

Benefits of directory presentation:

  • Highest position on search engine results page
  • Increases website traffic
  • The popularity of the link increases

Social Bookmarks: Is a method of sharing websites or websites of the website through which we meet the online community. The ability to save and classify a personal collection of bookmarks and share it with others.

Social Marker Benefits:

The social bookmarks site helps the visitor by suffering throughout the web.

Rank a particular resource that is based on how many times users bookmark the resource.

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