What Is Keyword Density

Keyword Density: What Is Keyword Density

It is one of the fastest, simplest and cheapest method through which you can increase your webpage ranking. In simple terminology meaning of keyword density is the total number of keyword exits in your websites content. 

Today it is very tough competition in the international and local market. If you target a good keyword means you get more chances of getting your website noticed. It is very important to have presence of keyword in your website. In such situation density of your keywords plays major role.

Keyword Density Search engines. Simply every search engine algorithm differs, and for that you must choose an average keyword density that make your site rank in the top ten position in all search engines. 

Use your keyword or keyword phrase in the title. This is key to getting a good ranking in the SERP's. For page content of your websites, be sure to include the keyword in the meta title and meta description.

Keyword density is always expressed as a percentage, based on the number of times your keywords
appear and the total word content on a given web page. The optimum Keyword Density for a web page is between 3% and 7%, depending on the keywords and context.

In some cases even if you will write without thinking about any particular keywords in mind it is still possible that some word or keyword will be repeated more than it should to look natural. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the article with some word frequency analyzer.

Keyword spamming or inclusion of too many keywords in your content body is a "black hat" strategy that is employed by some web marketers saying that it is not illegal and can bring you a high page ranking in the search engines. Keyword density has been quite a debated topic since the launch of search engines. 

The idea behind keyword density is that if you are targeting a specific phrase that you would like to rank for on Google or any of the other major search engines, then how often should you use that phrase on your web page?As per the opinion of experts regarding the keywords, it is very important to have keyword density in your website.

So, it becomes very important that search engine optimization using keyword targeting will not have perfect affect as you are trying. But, keeping 2% to 3% of keyword density is reasonable figure for your website.

It is very good thing to make it easier for many people that for what they are looking for. So, to get higher ranking in different search engines it is better to concentrate more on keywords and its flow in content of your website. It can be the easiest SEO technique ever.

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