Technical ON- Page SEO Audit

A technical audit is an excellent method of conducting a detailed search on the website that is happening on a search engine. It is done once the referencing on the page is complete. Technical auditing is a secure way to optimize the website on search engines without the search engine having technical difficulties in exploring and indexing the site. Each SEO audit is a tailor-made process tailored to customers' marketing needs. Each company is unique and each report will return this uniqueness.

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The technical referencing audit should include the following checklist

  • HTTP Status Codes
  • Double content and pages
  • Broken links and image
  • Errors and warnings
  • Server errors
  • HTML and CSS elements
  • Navigation on the site
  • Labelling and naming agreement
  • Directory structures

By looking at the list above, you make sure the site is gaining popularity on a search engine. There are certain server response codes that can influence the technical audit, for example - 301, 302, 404. These are the server codes that run when a user tries to request a site. These response codes will simply redirect the requested page to be nowhere to be found. In addition to the above item, the user should be included in the technical audit.

  • Design audit
  • Audit SEO
  • Server security
  • Code audit

The website design audit aims to inspect a set of elements critical to site design and design reliability. The audit can be used to verify whether a website is responsive or not. The design audit allows you to re-examine the effectiveness of your website in terms of lead generation and conversion. With regard to the SEO Audit, he referred to on-site analysis, competitive analysis, keyword search and content uniqueness. The SEO Audit consists of suring that the website is displayed organically on search engines.

Well, it's not an easy task to save server security, but with the help of the right information at the right time, the server will be less vulnerable to threats. Password protection is the first step the user can take. 

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The Password Standard directly guides the state of difficulty it will take to be broken. Rest assured that your server is in a private server and not public. Protect the server with a robust password. In the end, the code audit is a final evaluation process for the technical audit.

No matter how your site is optimized or how many SEO tools you've used, you'll be in vain if your source code isn't audited properly. The coding audit involves all frontal coding such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS. These problems influence the effectiveness of a website in being fully explored and properly classified.

It is verified that the site that Performs a technical SEO Audit will be ranked higher than those that do not perform an SEO audit. A technical SEO Audit can be tiring depending on the complexity of the website. However, with the combination of the best tool with human intelligence, technical auditing can be very easy and achievable.

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