Skills You Need For A Digital Marketing Career

Founder and CEO of Markitors, a digital marketing company that connects small businesses to customers and enjoys doing so.

As ceo of an active marketing company, I had to inform many people who were not selected for the interview. Every "rejected" email I sent forced me to determine what it takes to succeed in digital marketing.

It was a process to discover how successful digital marketing was, where I first had to figure out what success meant for me. I started my digital marketing career by launching my first WordPress site in more than a decade. While working as a financial auditor and social media manager, I learned about digital marketing, but I really honed my skills as a digital marketing journalist. After my freelance site took a position on the Google front page of the term "digital marketing company," I ended up hiring people to formally form a company.

After many employment and layoffs experiences, I am now sure of the skills needed for a digital marketing career. Here are those skills.

1. Passion for writing.

The word "books" should appear again constantly on the cv when describing the digital vendor's past business experiences: he wrote improved blog posts for SEO. He wrote a copy of the site. He wrote social media status updates. He wrote e-mail campaigns. I've got the idea. Digital marketing professionals should feel comfortable writing an improved SEO publication, a customer summary email, and an innovative status update.

Action article: Type "x" the number of words each day;

After a little practice, show off your writing skills through a personal cover letter. Only 10% of the applications we receive have a cover letter. If you really want to stand out in an app, include a writing form that reflects why you care about the company.

2. Love Numbers

Data engines make decisions and actions in the field of digital marketing. That's why I'm looking for three common words in describing pre-digital marketing situations: improving, customizing, and managing.

Interpreting a digital salesperson's analytical data allows you to improve an SEO publication, customize an email for MailChimp, or run a campaign in Google AdWords. Spreadsheets, percentages and trends are your friends.

Action: At least, get to know Google Analytics. Access an account with data for analysis. If you can't reach, get a certificate through the Google course. Then distinguish any love of numbers in your skills, certificates or work experience on your CV.

3. Communication skills.

There is a clear relationship between communication and success in the digital marketing profession. Just look at two of our most important goals in our digital marketing functions:

Interface and continuous communication with customers.
Make sure the marketing message is clear (in other words, your target audience "gets") what you sell).

If you're a great caller, you'll be a great digital vendor.

Action: Choose a message and a medium, and then continue through this medium. This is the formula. The ways to follow this formula to improve communication are endless. Create a Slideshare presentation. Give a speech. Write a post on average. Run a marketing campaign. Pio picked up a phone and talked to your employer. A hidden email for someone you've always wanted to meet. Then apply your communication style and approach to everything you do, including your resume and interview experiences.

4. Creativity

Digital marketing requires you to take a product or service and talk about this product or service in a unique way approximately 150 times a year (assuming you have three social media jobs per week, the average number we publish on behalf of customers). Digital marketing professionals should take a look at a product or service and see what others don't see. If there is no better term, you should be creative.

Action article: Choose any item and select 10 different things you can do with that item. Use "duct tape" if you need a starting point. Then look at the company you want to work for. Select three unique things about the company. Three things to improve. Three things you can help with. Connect these lessons to the company to express your creativity.

The Forbes Board is a community dedicated to inviting executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies. Qualified?

5. Time management.

Internet is a place of distraction: email. Pop-up notifications. Animated images. Managing time to achieve results is critical for the digital vendor.

Action: Select six things you'll accomplish each day. Allocate a time window to perform each task. Then he does those things without distracting you. Perfect time management and you'll get results, whether it's a marketing campaign or launching a digital marketing career.

These skills are simple. But like any skill, it takes some time to accumulate. Prioritize the perfection of these skills and speed up your career in digital marketing.

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